Useful Information:

All our memorials are fixed by our licenced stonemasons, and are fixed to NAMM standards, using a health and safety anchor or shoe fixing.


Granite, Marble, Nabresina, Portland, York stone and Slate

Granite can be all polished, fine honed, rustic with a panel for inscription. 

All polished memorials are easy to maintain.

Fine honed memorials are also easy to maintain but need washing down to remove any natural weathering and growth which can adhere to the material.

Marble, Nabresina, Portland, York stone and rustic memorials, will need attention.  They will need to be washed and brushed down regularly to remove natural weathering and growth, paying attention not to brush around the inscription as this can weather the lettering.

Some memorials will in time become weathered and you may find you are unable to keep them cleaned, but rest assured these can be cleaned on site in the cemetery/churchyard by our stonemasons.

Lettering & Designs:

We have a wide selection of fonts, languages and designs at our disposal.  All lettering and designs are done in our workshop on our premises, some using sophisticated computerised stencil methods and traditional hand cut and lead methods.

Once an order is placed, and the memorial is at a certain stage in our work programme, a layout showing the inscription and any design work will be sent for customer confirmation before any work is carried out on the memorial.

Lettering and designs on any memorial will need attention in time and this can be carried out on site in the cemetery/churchyard by our stonemasons.

Local Authority/Church Diocese Rules and Regulations:

There are different rules and regulations for all cemeteries and churchyards in England.  These set out the grave-space size, foundations, size of memorials and in some cases the material of the memorial and content of the inscription.  We can advise you of these and help you choose a memorial in keeping with the regulations. 

With regard to memorials being placed in a Churchyard, no White Marble, Black Granite or polished Granite is permitted.  Granite stones must be Light Grey, Dark Grey or Red in colour and be in a fine honed (non-reflective) finish.  Other permitted stones are Dove Grey Marble, Nabresina, York Stone, Portland Stone and Welsh or Cumbrian Slate.  Headstones should be of a traditional shape.  Headstones in the shape of Hearts, Figures, Open Books and Kerb surrounds are not permitted. 

We will deal with all the paperwork in getting the memorial approved by the relevant Local Authority or Church Diocese and advise you of any fee payable for permitting a memorial to be placed in the cemetery/churchyard.

Memorial Cost:

We will provide you with an itemised quotation which will include all fixing, relevant memorial fee and VAT.


We require a 50% deposit on confirmation of order.  An invoice for the final balance would be sent when work is nearing completion.  Our customers are more than welcome to come in to our works to view the completed memorial before it is fixed in the cemetery/churchyard.

Completion of work:

Completion of memorials is on average 12-16 weeks from order confirmation to installing the memorial in the cemetery/churchyard, although this will depend on the work involved and availability of material.  However if you need a memorial to be in place sooner, for example by an anniversary or birthday, please speak to us and will always try to help.

Memorial Insurance:

We can arrange insurance cover for you through StoneGuard, either at the time of order or at a later date.  StoneGuard insure your memorial against accidental damage, vandalism or malicious damage, subsidence and storm and impact damage, giving you peace of mind.  Cover is for a period of 5 years at a relatively low cost.  Please contact us for further information.